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St. Mary School

Rooted in Community

"You have people with different backgrounds, living in different places throughout Central Ohio attending St. Mary. The school is an exciting social experience that is unlike any other in the diocese."


St. Mary School is uniquely positioned in the core of German Village and gateway to the larger South Side. Our school is woven throughout the heritage of our historic and vibrant community.

We value the unique gifts of each student and celebrate each family’s culture and beliefs.

Our diversity is the hallmark of our school community. Our students are geographically, economically, ethnically, and religiously diverse.

The diversity of our student body is reflective of our South Side community.

  • 43% of students are Catholic; 57% are of other faith traditions and backgrounds.
  • 59% of students are a racial minority.
  • 93% of students qualify to receive need-based scholarships based on their household income level and/or the performance criteria of their assigned public school.
  • Students live in 30 different zip codes throughout Central Ohio.

As a community that embraces differences and celebrates the fundamental dignity of the human person, we work to build a community of understanding.

Supporting families is an integral part of the success of our students. We offer a variety of programs and services to support parents and families in a safe and stable environment. Our partners help us connect families to resources, all while deepening our engagement within the South Side neighborhood.