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St. Mary School

Reimagining the St. Mary Campus

"St. Mary School has always been a place where students and families come and are welcomed. We have a need for more space — our students are learning in hallways because of crowded classrooms. Our kids need places to work in small settings so we can meet their needs."

Mrs. Linda Cotter, 4th Grade Teacher and 47th Year Teaching at St. Mary School

St. Mary School must expand, renovate, and reimagine our campus. The current campus lacks the infrastructure, space, and enhancements needed to continue to deliver quality education, faith formation, and much-needed services for all students, but especially for families in need.

Our campus is worthy of investment — a place where the trajectory of a child’s life is changed because access to education breaks the cycle of poverty.

Demand far exceeds the capacity of our buildings, with waiting lists for multiple grades and an expected enrollment of nearly 420 students in pre-K through 8th grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

Our New Campus

  • Renovate 80% of the existing Elementary School and expand the total area by 10,0000 square feet.
  • Improve teaching and learning spaces with the latest technology and systems.
  • Provide outdoor learning environments for the Middle and Elementary schools that invite exploration and wonder.
  • New construction of Heritage Hall, which will be a multipurpose space open to the parish, school, and larger community.
  • Provide dedicated space for partners to deliver programs and services that meet the needs of students and their families.

Our Goal