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St. Mary School

Rooted in Education

"St. Mary School has taught my son how people are supposed to care and be kind to one another. They have shown us what it’s like to be part of a great community. I am blessed to have found St. Mary School and without tuition assistance my son would still be in an environment where learning and growth is not important."

St. Mary School Parent

St. Mary School believes that every child deserves a high-quality education and that every child can achieve success. With an underpinning of accessibility for all, St. Mary School develops the mind, body, and spirit of each student.

We teach students about the deeper underlying themes of society and equip them with the ability to know how their knowledge can better the world around them.

At the core of our educational standards are the following:

  • We integrate religious, spiritual, moral, and ethical dimensions of learning in all subjects.
  • We provide students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills to become moral evaluators, critical thinkers, and socially global citizens.
  • Our teachers engage and motivate all students, addressing the diverse needs and capabilities of each student.
  • Our staff collaborates to develop, implement, and continuously improve the effectiveness of curriculum and instruction that results in high levels of student achievement.

St. Mary School has experienced unprecedented growth over the last five years.

Even though our enrollment numbers have grown, we understand the importance of viewing each child as an individual.

We promote every student’s growth by providing top-notch curriculum, activities, and resources while meeting them where they are. For students who need additional support, we have tutors and support staff; for students who are performing above grade level, we have a Talented and Gifted program.

Through these programs and the tireless work of our teachers, support staff, and counselors, we see incredible learning gains and successes each year.