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St. Mary School

Rooted in Faith

"In our classrooms and throughout our campus, we embrace faith. It gives me so much hope when students of different faiths engage with each other and ask questions. This shows me they are learning to accept differences and truly accept one another."

Ms. Katie Gibboney, 2nd Grade Teacher and St. Mary Parishioner

Upon visiting St. Mary School, even for the first time, you will feel a sense of belonging, love, and family. Our students begin each day in assembly and prayer, including recitation of their promise to love as Christ loves us.

Catholic education is one of the oldest forms of organized schooling in the world. It was designed to develop the whole child and has a role in the progress and development of schools in our country.

St. Mary School serves both the faith community and society, teaching our students to contribute to the common good by becoming active and caring members at school and at home.

Catholic education remains critically important in the formation of the human person by teaching how to live well now to be able to live with God for all eternity.

St. Mary School includes students of all religions and beliefs. Today, this is more important than ever. Our students may decide to worship in different ways, however, each faith is rooted in mutual respect and love.